We're looking for great businesses

Burton Hill Capital is a privately held investment firm seeking to acquire and operate small and medium sized businesses.

Burton Hill Capital offers a rare combination for small business owners: an opportunity for liquidity and the confidence to know their business and employees will always be put first. We believe people matter more than anything else and will work tirelessly to maintain the reputation an owner has built of caring for their employees, customers, and community. We are different from private equity or strategic buyers because we are 100% focused on buying and operating businesses for the long haul. We are backed by investors with a long-term outlook and are committed to leading and operating with integrity.

People above all else

We believe employees are the heartbeat of a business. We want to join a strong leadership team that strives for excellence each and every day.

Fast, flexible transaction

We are flexible on deal terms in order to meet a seller's needs. We have committed private capital that allows us to move quickly and provide liquidity upon close.

Emphasis on growth

We care about steady and sustainable growth. We will build on the foundations of the previous owner and will dedicate all our available resources to the success of the business.

Long term outlook

Unlike other buyers, our goal is not to flip or absorb a company. We are operators who humbly acknowledge that it takes time and effort to serve existing customers and find new ones.